Registration and Pricing

Thank you very much for choosing the Academy of Dance and Music. It is very important for the following four forms to be filled out so we can enroll you or your child in a timely manner. Please do not hesitate to email or call us with any questions. You can download the following forms below:


1. Registration Form

2. Policies and Procedures

3. Auto Pay Form

4. Release and Waiver

5. 2019-20 Price List


8 thoughts on “Registration and Pricing

  1. I have a 9 year daughter and I am interested in prices for your program and what types of programs you have.
    thank you

  2. I’m interested in my 9 year old daughter starting hip hop classes. Do you offer these classes and what days?

  3. Hi, I am interested in enrolling my 5 year old daughter in a 2 day/ wk. dance class. Can you tell me what days/time the classes are and what type of dance?

  4. Do you offer contemporary dance for 12 year olds? What are your prices? When do the sessions start/end? Are you competitive or non-competitive

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