Jim and Leah Servais

dscn2773Previously from Canada, Jim & Leah Servais are the owners and operators of Academy of  Dance & Music. Leah has 36 yrs. of experience, training with The National Ballet of Canada, and performing with them and The Milwaukee Ballet Company. Jim grew up playing different instruments in various orchestras and bands as well as teaching music. They saw a need for a dance & music school on the west side of Albuquerque and it has been well received since opening in the fall of 2007. They offer Ballet, Jazz & Hip Hop dance lessons from age 3 to adult, and private music lessons in guitar with vocals, saxophone, clarinet, flute and recorder from age 7 to adult. Small Class Sizes The smaller class sizes allow students to get more individual instruction from teachers, and as a result progress at a faster level than in a large class environment. The smaller class sizes also ensure that the teacher can catch any problems before they turn into bad habits or improper techniques.


2 thoughts on “Jim and Leah Servais

  1. HI Jim & leah.
    Nice to find you again hope you are both well. Looking good anyway.
    Margaret & Frank Thunder bay

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